About EDAJ

22k Fine Gold, it's warm yet brilliant allure presents an heirloom quality beautifully represented in Lorelei's timeless, classic designs.

Initially trained in Interior and Graphic Design, then a self-taught goldsmith for the last 10 years, Lorelei began her creative jewelry journey inspired by the Egyptian, Roman and Greek ancient cultures. Studying and utilizing their techniques of fusing Gold elements together and creating granulation beads as adornment she incorporates her contemporary design and style resulting in her own unique aesthetic. Her creations are beautiful, wearable art in high karat fairmined Gold with ethically sourced gemstones.

She selects each gemstone, designs and hand creates every piece of her unique jewelry herself. Though her designs are not mass produced she will recreate some upon request with those having subtle nuances making each a one of a kind "objet d'art" specifically made for you.

"My goal is to always create something I would love, cherish and wear myself. For those that desire the beauty of uncommon design comfortably worn anytime please contact me as I am always pleased to accept bespoke or custom design requests with your vision in mind." 


Email: endivaartisan@gmail.com

Studio Phone: 518 821-3231